Big Bang at the “10 CORSO COMO SEOUL” event

Big Bang members TOP, G-Dragon, Seung-Ri, Tae-Yang and Dae-Sung showed off their unique and hot fashions at the 10 Corso Como Seoul 3rd Anniversary event in Seoul, Korea last March 24,2011.

Check out their pics below!

Big Bang Avatars XIII!

Hey BigBang fans, got some freshly made avatars of our favorite boys! Off-the-grill avatars that you will all surely like! Enjoy!

mie-chan ^_^







Big Bang Avatars Part IX + Posters/Wallpapers

Hey guys sorry for my long time hiatus in my blog! I’ve been busy in my work that’s why I didn’t have the chance to make new BB Goodies but don’t worry for I came back to give you more hot, fresh Big Bang Avatars, Posters and Wallpapers just for you! Hope you’ll like them all! I’ll be making more so keep visiting! Thanks to my blog visitors who never fails to check out my blog…!

Enjoy them all!

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Big Bang 2009 Goodies!

Hey Big Bang fans! I’ve made Big Bang mini posters and some avatars just for you all! Hope you’ll like them!

These are hot and sizzling BIG BANG goodies! Enjoy!

Big Bang Avatars Part VI!

Here’s the latest Big Bang Avatars and Big Bang “Bangs” wallpaper that I’ve made exclusively for Big Bang fans around the world! I’ll be making more so just keep on dropping by…Thanks! 🙂

Big Bang Cartoon Avatars!

Here’s the latest BIG BANG avatars! These avatars are from the newest BIG BANG cartoons/comics version called BANGS!….Enjoy them! 🙂

BIG BANG comics/cartoon version is soOOOoooOO cute! o_O them all..

I’m going to add more so wait for the next! ^_^

Big Bang Avatars!

Wanna have Big Bang avatars? Hot avatars of Seung-Ri baby, T.O.P, G-Dragon, YB Hottie and Dae-Sung! You can get them all here for free!