Big Bang Avatars XVII!

Hey ya VIPS! I’m sure everyone is excited for BIG BANG’S ALIVE TOUR 2012! Guess what?! They’re coming here to Manila, Philippines to perform live at the MOA Arena this October 24! Woot! So, who’s coming?!

Anyways, I made another sets of goodies for VIPS all over the world! Hope you like them!

Big Bang Alive Avatars!

Hey VIPs!!! It’s been a very long time since I made new avatars/icons of our boys and I’ve decided this time to make new avatars/icons based on their new album pics! I so love their new album and I can’t wait to see them perform here live in Manila as part of their Alive Tour 2012!

Here  are the avatars:


Hope you like them all!

mie-chan ^^


Big Bang Avatars XIII!

Hey BigBang fans, got some freshly made avatars of our favorite boys! Off-the-grill avatars that you will all surely like! Enjoy!

mie-chan ^_^







Big Bang Fila Photoshoot Avatars!

Hello again everyone! Let’s all start the new year right! Got some fresh Big Bang avatars for everyone to enjoy! Hope that this new year Big Bang will still continue to hit the music charts as they always used to. Wishing more success and luck in our boys this year!

Big Bang Avatars Part X! + GD in Vogue

Hey there again BIG BANG fans! Got some new BIG BANG made icons/avatars for all of you! Hope you like them all!


mie-chan ^_^

BIG BANG fresh new avatars!

Hello again BIG BANG fans! Got some fresh made avatars to share to you all! Hope you like this hot and cute avatars of our big bang boys!

mie-chan ^_^

Big Bang Avatars Part VIII!!

Hey guys I’ve made new, fresh & hot BIG BANG avatars just for you! After 3 weeks of  being hiatus in my blog, I’ve finally posted again at last! Well here’s the new ava’s we’ve all been waiting for! Enjoy them!