Global Economic Crisis To Become More Intense This Year

Global Economic Crisis is really a big problem and if this continues, what will happen to us? Many companies either big or small, local or international have started to reduce the number of their employees. Recession here, there and everywhere has started and many people have lost their jobs. If this economic problem persist, many people will become jobless.

Investors either local or foreign were encouraged by the government to invest here in the Philippines. They were encouraged to put up or established a business here because the more business means the more jobs will be available for people.

This economic meltdown is really devastating. More and more companies are shutting down and declaring bankruptcy and resulted to the loss of hundreds of jobs for their employees. Without jobs, how can we help our families survive?

Money is indeed important to all. It is a necessity. Without money we can’t survive right? That’s why we have to work to earn it. But with economic dilemma like this then how can we go on with our lives?

Many companies like Philamlife have said that they will still continue to provide their customers and distributors with the highest level of service. They have assured that there will be no problem concerning about their funds and that they are financially sound or secured even if ther mother company is AIG who has it’s own financial issues.

Customers/Investors should really not lose the trust and confidence they have built in with the company where they have invested their money. And as for the companies either big or small must reassure their customers/distributors/investors that they’re well-capitalized and have back-up plans to make sure that they can still continue to provide and meet their needs.