A Very Special Poem

This poem was specially written for me as a gift for my birthday by my instructor way back in college..

G-od is great! He gave me in you a trusted friend
A friend who always there to comfort and to mend
Always be true to yourself, never ever pretend
And hoping this friendship will never end.

E-levating one’s mind, the prettiness of tomorrow
Smile, smile, smile and forget all your sorrows
Through thick and thin, through broad and narrow
Certain things happen for us to learn and grow

R-ain, countless drops fallinf from the sky
Man’s failures and pains and the question why
of desiring for happiness which we always try
Just lean on Jesus Christ and you will never cry

M-usic of the day and rhythm of the night
When you are here and you are on our sight
You are the princess who brings the light
Your kindness simply makes one’s day really bright

I-n places, time and faces, wherever you might be
Whenever you think of man’s fate or destiny
Whoever you will meet on the road of your journey
Whatever you attain, do remain in humility

E-very second, every minute,
every hour of the day
Always do your very best, we sincerely say
And to our dear God we will always pray
May success, peace and happiness be on your way….