G-Dragon – Bean Pole Catalog



G-Dragon Bean Pole Photoshoot 2!

Check out G-Dragon’s cute and charming photoshoot for Bean Pole! GD really loves to show his cuteness in front of the cam!

Hotness overload!

Just want to share some of my photo collections of super hot & cute leader of BIG BANG none other than – G-Dragon! yes!  You can get Jiyong’s  hot & very stylish photoshoots here…!

Are you a fan of Big Bang?

Are you a fan of Big Bang? If yes, then tell me why do you like them!

Big Bang group is so famous in Korea and I’ve fell in love with them so easy! I love their songs, their style, their moves…ahhhh… I love every piece of them!! I hope Big Bang will someday extend their activities not just in Korea and Japan but all over asia..I really want to see and meet them personally…Ah..sigh…Seung-Ri is really cute, G-Dragon’s is a certified fashion icon, TOP’s so hot, Tae-Yang’s tame face makes me fall in love w/ him more and Dae-Sung has a cool style and cute eyes …..

G-Dragon is a Fashion Icon

G-Dragon is not just good-looking and good at dancing & singing but also a very fashionable lad!! Many lads have been influenced by G-Dragon and his fellow Big Bang members’ fashionable styles in terms of wearing clothes and of course their different hair-do’s……

G-Dragon’s fashion and music always go together…he’s one Big Bang member that you really can’t ignore. He’s simply irresistible….He can act, sing, dance and of course can go with style!! I really love him!! ^_^”

More success to G-Dragon, TOP, Dae-Sung, Tae-Yang and Seung-Ri!! I really love their new album!! (^_^)