Big Bang Avatars XVII!

Hey ya VIPS! I’m sure everyone is excited for BIG BANG’S ALIVE TOUR 2012! Guess what?! They’re coming here to Manila, Philippines to perform live at the MOA Arena this October 24! Woot! So, who’s coming?!

Anyways, I made another sets of goodies for VIPS all over the world! Hope you like them!

BIG BANG’s many faces – compiled avatars


Big Bang throughout the years of their career has always been successful and VIPs all over the world are giving them so much love especially their fans in the Asia!

I compiled some of the avatars that I’ve made so long ago and turned them into a mini poster! Check ’em out below…! Hope you like them!

mie-chan ^^



G-Dragon Avatars + Wallpaper!

Hi there VIPS! Can’t get enough of G-dragon?! I made some avatars and wallpaper of G-dragon for you all! Hope you like them…!


G-Dragon Bean Pole Avatars!

The moment I saw G-dragon’s Bean Pole photoshoot, I said to myself that I am going to make new avatars of him this time! I love his smile and poses in this photoshoot! so cute! ^^

See the avatars below! Enjoy ^^



Big Bang Avatars XV1!


Hey VIP’s! Got some fresh and hot Big Bang avatars for you all! Hope you like them!



Big Bang Avatars XV!

Hello Big Bang vips! It’s been a while! What are you guys up to? Recently YG Entertainment announced the upcoming release of Big Bang’s 4th mini album! everyone is so excited! woot!

Well I’ve some Big Bang avatars that I made last night! Hope you like them all!


Big Bang Avatars XIV!


Hey Big Bang fans! Got some freshly made avatars of our Big Bang boys! We all miss them so much and don’t hear much about them because they’re too busy for their upcoming album. I know that all of us are so excited for the release of their new album, so let’s look forward for it! More support and love to Big Bang!