BER months are here!

BER months are here! Only 113 days to go before Christmas and everyone is so excited! Our country has earned the distinction of celebrating the world’s longest Christmas season. Parols, Christmas lights and other Christmas decorations will be brought out and displayed again in the homes and streets everywhere and Christmas carols will be heard as early as September.
Everyone is getting excited to attend Christmas parties and also simbang gabi that last for 9 days. While ninongs and ninangs will be busy again listing the names of their ina-anak and buy gifts for them. And others are going to get busy again shopping for new clothes, toys, gadgets and presents!
So, How are you going to spend your Christmas this year? I hope everyone will have a very happy Christmas!

Let us all have a wonderful and bright Christmas!

Only a few days left before Christmas and people everywhere are busy shopping at Divisoria and other malls while others are still preparing their wish lists. Materials gifts to be given this Christmas is not really necessary what important is that we let our family and loved ones feel our love and care towards them not just this Christmas but throughout the coming years.

Christmas is best celebrated with the most important people in our lives like our family. I always have the best Christmas celebration with my family because we’re always complete and happy. I love my family so much!



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It’s Christmas!

May we all feel the love, warmth and care of each and everyone this holiday season. Christmas is the time that we just not celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, it’s also the time when we give our love by imparting what we have to others who have none.  By showing our love and concern to others,  our savior Jesus Christ will be very happy!

Again, Merry Christmas to all! Spread the love! Peace to all!

mie-chan ^_^

The Spirit of Christmas

What is the true spirit of Christmas?

The true spirit of Christmas is not about receiving gifts it’s about giving and sharing your love, service and blessings to people around you. Every Christmas, each of us expect gifts from our parents, friends and other loved ones and always get excited when we see gifts under our Christmas Tree. But haven’t you thought about those people around you who are very much in need? No matter what happens, Christmas will always be here but not all people celebrate Christmas like we do. Some families and individuals doesn’t celebrate Christmas with roasted chicken, ham, spaghetti and fruits on their table because they can’t afford to buy them. But we can help them to celebrate Christmas in their homes and make them happy by giving gifts, singing Christmas carols, cheering them up and sharing some of our foods to them.

We must always remember that we just don’t celebrate Christmas because it’s a holiday and it’s a time were we get to eat a lot of food and receive gifts but it’s a time that we remember and cherish Jesus Christ’s birth whom we dearly love for He’s our savior!

Let us all feel the spirit of Christmas! The cold breeze, the smile of people we meet each day, the love and warmth we feel with our family and the love & kindness of God will always bring happiness to us! May we all have a very happy Christmas!!