Big Bang Avatars XIII!

Hey BigBang fans, got some freshly made avatars of our favorite boys! Off-the-grill avatars that you will all surely like! Enjoy!

mie-chan ^_^







Big Bang Banners

Got some Big Bang Banners for all! Specially made to my BB Fans and visitors who requested for these banners! Sorry for the late post! Hope you guys like them! More of these soon..!



Big Bang 2009 Goodies!

Hey Big Bang fans! I’ve made Big Bang mini posters and some avatars just for you all! Hope you’ll like them!

These are hot and sizzling BIG BANG goodies! Enjoy!

Big Bang Avatars Part VII!

Hey guys! I haven’t post any new big bang avatars for a very long time because I have been busy w/ a lot of things but anyways I have made new Big Bang avatars! So enjoy them all and wait for more! Thanks..! 🙂

Big Bang Avatars Part IV!

Here’s the hot BIG BANG! avatars that I’ve promised to make & post! I’ll be making more so wait for the part V! 🙂

REMEMBER: BIG BANG will always be BIG BANG! coz they always come out with a…BANG! 🙂 😀

Are you a fan of Big Bang?

Are you a fan of Big Bang? If yes, then tell me why do you like them!

Big Bang group is so famous in Korea and I’ve fell in love with them so easy! I love their songs, their style, their moves…ahhhh… I love every piece of them!! I hope Big Bang will someday extend their activities not just in Korea and Japan but all over asia..I really want to see and meet them personally…Ah..sigh…Seung-Ri is really cute, G-Dragon’s is a certified fashion icon, TOP’s so hot, Tae-Yang’s tame face makes me fall in love w/ him more and Dae-Sung has a cool style and cute eyes …..

Big Bang Avatars!

Wanna have Big Bang avatars? Hot avatars of Seung-Ri baby, T.O.P, G-Dragon, YB Hottie and Dae-Sung! You can get them all here for free!