BIG BANG fresh new avatars!

Hello again BIG BANG fans! Got some fresh made avatars to share to you all! Hope you like this hot and cute avatars of our big bang boys!

mie-chan ^_^

Big Bang T.O.P avatars!

Hello there Big Bang fans! Here’s some fresh and hot Big Bang T.O.P avatars for you. Hope you’ll like them. I decided to make just avatars of T.O.P because I’m super in-love with T.O.P lately….I really love his new photoshoots…he’s so cute….really… ^_^

Big Bang Avatars Part XI!

Hey BIG BANG fans, sorry if I haven’t posted anything for a long time! But don’t worry for I have some new goodies just for you…! Here they are now! Hot and new big bang icons/avatars! Hope you’ll like them…..

Big Bang Avatars Part IX + Posters/Wallpapers

Hey guys sorry for my long time hiatus in my blog! I’ve been busy in my work that’s why I didn’t have the chance to make new BB Goodies but don’t worry for I came back to give you more hot, fresh Big Bang Avatars, Posters and Wallpapers just for you! Hope you’ll like them all! I’ll be making more so keep visiting! Thanks to my blog visitors who never fails to check out my blog…!

Enjoy them all!

x.o.x.o   ^_^

Big Bang Avatars Part VIII!!

Hey guys I’ve made new, fresh & hot BIG BANG avatars just for you! After 3 weeks of  being hiatus in my blog, I’ve finally posted again at last! Well here’s the new ava’s we’ve all been waiting for! Enjoy them!

Big Bang 2009 Goodies!

Hey Big Bang fans! I’ve made Big Bang mini posters and some avatars just for you all! Hope you’ll like them!

These are hot and sizzling BIG BANG goodies! Enjoy!

Hotness overload!

Just want to share some of my photo collections of super hot & cute leader of BIG BANG none other than – G-Dragon! yes!  You can get Jiyong’s  hot & very stylish photoshoots here…!