~Dream A Dream~

~reality or dream~


Where do our dreams go when we wake up in our sleep? Do you have any idea where it goes?? Do you remember all of your dreams when you wake up? Is your dream frightening? horrible? sad? happy? Do you know the purpose of your dream? These are some of the many questions we want to know about DREAMS.

In my own experience, I’ve always wanted to know the interpretation on my dreams but unfortunately no one can interpret it unless Joseph of Egypt or sometimes we call him as Joseph The Dreamer our prophet of old is still alive right?

Based on my research, DREAMS can begin in any of the five stages of sleep and they goes to our subconscious mind when we wake up after a deep sleep.


1st – Light Sleep. Muscle activity slows down. Occasional muscle twitching.

2nd – Breathing pattern and heart rate slows. Slight decrease in body temperature.

3rd – Deep sleep begins. Brain begins to generate slow delta waves.

4th – Very deep sleep. Rhythmic breathing. Limited muscle ativity. Brain produces delta waves.

5th – Rapid Eye Movement (REM). Brain waves speed up and dreaming occurs. Muscles relax and heart rate increases. Breathing is rapid and shallow.

How To Improve Your Dream Recall:

From my experiences, I have dreamed a lot of dreams and sometimes I can’t really recall all of them even if I tried to think about them a lot of times. But I’ve some technics that I’ve been doing in order to improve my dream recall. Here are they:

1. Once you wake up after a sleep, think for about a minute and recall about the dream you’ve dreamed. Then while your dreams are still fresh from your mind, get a piece of paper or notebook then jot down your dreams.

2. Another one is having an alarm clock on your bed side. This one also works to me. Set the alarm time of your clock before you go to sleep. Then go to sleep. Once awaken by the alarm of your clock, get up, and then get your notebook then jot down the dream you’ve dreamed.

3. But if you have some troubles getting up in bed to write down your dreams in a paper, you can also key in your dreams in your cellphone and then save them in your outbox or archive section and don’t forget to put the time and date okay.

Okay, here’s another thing..have you ever tried to think about a certain person, thing, place or happening before you go to sleep and then you dreamed about them?? Well it is indeed true that sometimes like in my own experience, i always think about my crush before I go to sleep and then after that I dreamed about him. So why not try it out? Some says that you can even solve your problems or find solutions to your problems in your dreams.


Well based on the things that I’ve learned in our psychology class way back in college, if you dream about a sea or ocean and the water is blurry then it means that in reality your life is full of problems. That is already proven based on my experience. Then if you dream about running away from someone who is trying to grab you then it means that you are trying to escape the problems in your life that are still unsolved. Lastly, if you dream about having an ability to fly in the sky but everytime you try to fly you can’t go high in the sky then it means that in reality you are about to reach the top like you’re gonna reach your goal but someone is trying to stop you from reaching it.

Well, these are just some of the many kinds of dreams that we can dream. Just remember that dreams are also important in our lives. They can give us warnings also or they can help you out in your daily activities too because they can give hints about what’s gonna happen next……



(And by the way, I don’t mix science with fairy tales…for those people who easily reacts ‘incorrectly’ or ‘rudely’ about my post then don’t comment okay! because all of these posts are made by myself with my own ideas..and based on my researches)