BIG BANG’s many faces – compiled avatars


Big Bang throughout the years of their career has always been successful and VIPs all over the world are giving them so much love especially their fans in the Asia!

I compiled some of the avatars that I’ve made so long ago and turned them into a mini poster! Check ’em out below…! Hope you like them!

mie-chan ^^



Big Bang Valentines Day Special 2!

Hey there everyone! Got some Big Bang valentines day post cards just for u all! Wishing everyone a happy and romantic valentines day on the 14th of February! Share the love & kisses to all! Hope that are boys will have “dates” on valentines day…! (But of course, every girl wants to be their date right?)

Well then, enjoy! Have a great valentines day to all in advance!

mie-chan ^_^