A view of what’s inside Dae-Sung’s car after the car incident

As you can see, the police  found pack of gum, a Korean Bible, Daesung’s iphone and a box for Jo Malone candles inside Daesung’s Car .

The news article stated:

Daesung was carrying a bible in his car because he is really faithful thanks to his father’s teachings. Yang Hyun Suk spoke about Daesung’s state again, “Daesung was in a big shock from this accident and he cried a lot. Apart from whether it was his fault or not, grieving for the death of the motorcycle driver is much harder for him.”



source : Daum  via teambigbang

 Sekar @koreanupdates.com


Please be strong Dae-Sung! Everything is going to be fine!


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