“Standing steady and sure being a virtuous woman”

Virtuous means righteous; worthy; morally clean; honest and good. Virtue was officially added to the Young Women Values in November 2008. It is defined in the Personal Progress as a “patter on thought and behavior based on high moral standards”.

Sis. Ann M. Dibb of the Young Women General Presidency emphasized that both men and women should focus on virtue to obtain great blessings. She said, “Men have no power or strength to exercise the priesthood that they receive if they are not morally pure. And women receive that power and strength to fulfill their divine callings as wives, mothers, and as women as they practice virtue.

We must always remember that we are daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves us so much. He’s always there to guide, help and protect us. Because of his love, He has sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to help and redeem us. The commitment to remain virtuous and pure is possible through the enabling and redeeming power of our Savior Jesus Christ’s atonement.

We can all be a virtuous woman. The Young Women General Presidency shares with them this formula: Pray night and morning. Read in the Book of Mormon five minutes or more each day. And smile. Sis. Dalton of the Young Women General Presidency said, ” If all women in the church and the world did this, think what the world would be like in five years. Virtuous young women led by the Spirit cab change the world.

Let us always stand as witnesses of God at all time, in all things and in all places. Continuing to live the young women values, understanding and applying the gospel in our lives, keeping the commandments of God and living the standards of the Church will help us stand steady and sure being a virtuous young women. Let us always stand for truth and righteousness. Let us hold our torch and be a light to everyone like our Savior Jesus Christ.

I know that if we continue to be a virtuous like Ruth, Hannah and Esther, our lives will be blessed continually by God. Let us always be in tune with the spirit and continue to follow the Lord.

I am happy that me and my family are members of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am happy because I have been honed and taught by our leaders when I was still in the young women organization. I am thankful for my callings in the Church and that I can serve the Lord through magnifying my callings. I am thankful for all the blessings my family continually receive. I love my family, my pet, my calling, the Church that I belong to, my friends and fellow LDS saints , and most of all our dear Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.


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