Big Bang Avatars Part VIII!!

Hey guys I’ve made new, fresh & hot BIG BANG avatars just for you! After 3 weeks of  being hiatus in my blog, I’ve finally posted again at last! Well here’s the new ava’s we’ve all been waiting for! Enjoy them!


8 responses to “Big Bang Avatars Part VIII!!

  1. Hey Mie-chan! ^^ As you can see I’ve stalked onto your site once again- 😀 This time, I’m asking you how you want me to credit you- I’d like to take one of your YB icons you made to use at (are you a member there? ^^) Thankyou for the icons!! ~~
    Joyce x

  2. hey there again! thanks a lot for loving my bb made avatars! you can always take them and use them whenever u want, u can credit me by referring my blog site to your friends who loves big bang! i’m not a memeber of, i haven’t seen that site before, i’ll check it out later! thanks!!….

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