The fight is on again!

Okay guys here’s an update about Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton’s fight….

Recently the news said that Manny vs Hatton fight was called off because both camps didn’t agreed on the payment terms but now…guess what? the fight is on again! Manny has accepted the offer to fight the British boxer Ricky Hatton on May 2, 2009 and both camps have agreed on the pay-per-view shares and the prize money the two fighters will be receiving.. so let’s get it on!


2 responses to “The fight is on again!

  1. ricky is strong and has a good jaw and manny has incredible speed and acuracy i think that if hatton does win it will be by knockout if the fight goes all the way i would no dout give the fight to manny

  2. Let’s see then…I’m hoping that Manny will win again! His upcoming fight against Ricky Hatton will be his last fight so let’s pray that he wins this fight!

    Go Manny! Go Pinoy! 🙂

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