What is Poverty?

Poverty is a state of being poor. Being poor means having little or no means. Some say being poor is dirty and tiring. People who are experiencing this are full of sufferings. They say they are hopeless and they could never rise above the state of life they’re facing. They are afraid that their children might become heir to their poverty.

It’s hard to live in this world if you have been deprived of things necessarily for you to go on with your life especially if you have a family of your own. You are constantly in need. You necessitate for food so you can feed your family; you need money to pay your $20 rented old, tiny and wrecked house near the squatter’s area; you need medicine for your sick baby and you need clothing for your naked children.

Poverty is when you lack money and can’t provide the needs of your family. You can’t even buy a can of sardines or a big loaf of bread in the supermarket because the only money you have in your pocket is just enough to pay for the house you are renting. It is when you’re husband was fired in his job and since then cannot find a new or permanent job. And you as a wife and a mother need to find extra jobs like doing the laundry and cleaning the house of a rich neighbor that will pay you $20, collecting newspapers/magazines/bottles/cans in the garbage and then sell them to a junk shop or going to a relative or a friend to seek for assistance just to survive your family.

When you are in poverty, you suffer. You can’t sleep at night because of thinking how and where you can obtain the things your family needs. You can’t even remember when is the last time you have eaten a slice of pizza or drank a bottle of soda. And when you look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll realize that you look ten years older than your real age. You also feel sorry because you can’t send you’re little children to school because you don’t have the money to sustain their educational needs.

Isn’t sad to know that there are many families suffering because of poverty? It hurts to see young children walking on the streets barefooted begging for food. As years go by, the rate of poor families is surprisingly increasing. So the question is what are we going to do about this? Are we also experiencing this?


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