Are you a fan of Big Bang?

Are you a fan of Big Bang? If yes, then tell me why do you like them!

Big Bang group is so famous in Korea and I’ve fell in love with them so easy! I love their songs, their style, their moves…ahhhh… I love every piece of them!! I hope Big Bang will someday extend their activities not just in Korea and Japan but all over asia..I really want to see and meet them personally…Ah..sigh…Seung-Ri is really cute, G-Dragon’s is a certified fashion icon, TOP’s so hot, Tae-Yang’s tame face makes me fall in love w/ him more and Dae-Sung has a cool style and cute eyes …..


7 responses to “Are you a fan of Big Bang?

  1. I like them because most of their music is good. Their fashion was good but lately I havent liked G-Dragon’s style but top has been awesome the whole way. Sad their going on holidays next year.

  2. You have a really interesting site; I chanced upon this because I was looking for Big Bang icons (they’re my newest obsession; it took me a really long time to get into them, but once I started listening, I AM HOOKED! XD). I thought your blurb on the economic crisis was noteworthy..

    I shall visit again!

  3. i truly love bigbang group… i really love their music..
    haru haru is my all-time favorite..
    and um… but the one that i TRULY TRULY LOVe is T.O.P!
    I truly truly love his rapping and all of them shades and glasses that he wears. also… i love his hairstyles… he has so many.. but i still love them and him.. haha:D keep working bigbang!

  4. I really love them , specially Tea yang my favourite one ,, he is So adorable , I love his moves also his c0ol style , I hope that he knows about us , he have many fans in UAE , me and my friends really like him, we used to dance on his songs when we meet in the hostel, we are just addicted O_O

    wish u @ll the best BIG BANG ^^

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