Rowdy Rough Roach!

Have you ever been disturbed by a pesky cockroach while you are sleeping in the middle of the night? Well if you gonna ask me, the answer would be yes..a hundred times already! I am really afraid of cockroaches…I have sort of phobia when it comes to these pests.. They never leave you alone..they creep and crawl under your bed, inside your room, under the sink, on your garbage can and even inside your shoes!! We have lots of pesticide sprays for these roaches and even if you have sprayed them and scared them away they’ll be back again. They’ll be gone for a little season and then will go back again to disturb you!!

I really really hate all house pests especially cockroaches. Cockroaches can’t be easily killed especially the big ones! These roaches varies in different colors and sizes! They can crawl and fly with lights on or off and can swim in the water too (i have encountered a big roach in our bathroom while taking my bath and I tell you they can’t die easily in water even if they fall on a pail of water!).

Why are these rodents ever lived in this world? The answer is because they are created by God. They belong in the Insect Group together with the termites, spiders, moths, bed bugs, grass hoppers, ants and more..

These roaches are very tough and rough! Even if you try to shoo them away they will not go away and even fly above your head or land on your shirt and let you scream at the top of your lungs like me…hehehe..Why can’t these roaches just go away and find another place to live in? Even if your place is clean they will still be there…so the best solution that I can ever think of is clean you bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, stock room or in short the whole house everday to keep those pesky pests away!!


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