Wanna Buy Chinese Products?

Chinese products for sale…wanna buy??

From clothes, bags, toys, accessories, christmas lights, appliances and now foods….what would be next? Almost all Chinese products being exported here in the Philippines or in other countries are defective or contains lead and other substances that might poison the person who uses it or eat it (if it’s a food).

This is really creeping me out….I agree that Chinese products are cheaper than our local products here but do you think it is agreeable that Chinese products are safer than our local products? I don’t think so….

Now BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs) are currently banning all milk/dairy products from China bacause of the spreading news that the milk/dairy products produced in China contains “melamine” w/c can harm the body. A lot of infants/babies in China were rushed to the hospital while some died after drinking their milk. Of course those milks were bought by their mothers from the stores all over China. So after the incident, all store owners commanded their staffs to pull out all of their milk/dairy products on the shelves to prevent people from buying them. It’s better to be safe than never right?!

So now even us Filipinos are beginning to be affected by this incident. I heard from the news that 15 brands of milk/dairy products that are sold in the market came from China. The government, DOH (Department Of Health) and BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs) are helping together to make sure that no milks/dairy products being imported from China will be sold on the market while they continue their investigations….


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