A Happy Treat

I am tired and bit weary today because I’ve done a lot of house chores today. But, I’m still glad! why? because I am the one who prepared and cooked our dinner for tonight. And I was touched because my sisters said to me that the meal that I’ve cooked was delicious. Wanna know what I’ve cooked for our dinner? well I fried 6 marinated milkfish and then cooked a very special “my own chinese style” fried rice w/ shrimps…I have always dreamed of becoming a cook in my own restaurant (but it’s only a dream..*sigh*)..I really love to cook and whenever my mom or dad is busy and don’t have time to cook, I always volunteer to do the cooking. I love to cook food for my family because they’re very special to me.

Well I’m just glad that my day today turned out to be fine even if I’m a bit tired and weary. And oh yes, at last I have seen the full moon this night!… and while I’m typing this..suddenly the rain started to fall…oh man! (*_*) I just hope the weather will be fine tomorrow…


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