Shake, Rattle and Tremble

This Year 2008, China was the first one to have a powerful earthquake where thousands of innocent people died, then Japan also had an earthquake but not that strong, then what? what country is the next one to have a very trembling earthquake? Lately, I have been receiving news from my email and from my yahoo messenger that our country Philippines will get a very strong earthquake w/ an intensity of 8.1 by July 18, 2008. I was really shocked of course but PHILVOLCS (Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology) haven’t said anything yet about that news scattering around the internet.

But I’m hoping and praying that the said news will not come true. Even though we have been experiencing earthquakes here very often nowadays I hope we don’t experience a very strong earthquake here in the Philippines. Only the LORD knows what’s gonna happen next in our lives or in this world. There are already a lot of signs that we have seen…..let’s all be good and be prepared always, so that no matter what happens in this life we are all ready…….


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